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  • Tian-Chyi Yeh, Raziuddin Khaleel, Kenneth C. Carroll, Flow Through Heterogeneous Geologic Media, Cambridge University Press, 2015.

Book Chapters

  • Yeh, T.-C. J., and L. W. Gelhar, Unsaturated flow in heterogeneous soils in ‘Role of the Unsaturated Zones in Radioactive and Hazardous Waste Disposal’, edited by J. W. Mercer, P. S.C. Rao, and I. W. Marine, Ann Arbor Science, p 71-79, 1983.
  • Yeh, T.-C. J., and A. Guzman, Tensiometry in ‘Handbook of Vadose Zone Characterization & Monitoring’, edited by L. G. Wilson, L. G. Everett, and S. J. Cullen, CRC Press Inc., p 319-328, 1995.
  • Yeh, T.-C. J., Stochastic Modeling of Flow and Solute Transport in the Vadose Zone in ‘Groundwater Models for Resources Analysis and Management’, edited by A. El-Kadi , CRC Press Inc, 1995.
  • Yeh, T.-C. J., Scale issues of heterogeneity in vadose-zone hydrology in ‘Scale Dependence and Scale Invariance in Hydrology’, edited by G. Sposito, Cambridge Press, 1998.
  • Yeh, T.-C. J., J. Zhu, A. Englert, A. Guzman and S. Flaherty,  A successive linear  estimator for electrical resistivity tomography, in Applied Hydrogeophysics, edited by H. Vereecken , A. Binley, G. Cassiani, A. Revil and K. Titov , 45–74, Springer, Berlin, Germany, 2006

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