Publications – 2001 - 2005

Articles published in 2005
  • Blanford, W., M. Brusseau, T. Yeh, C. Gerba, and R. Harvey (2005), Influence of water chemistry and travel distance on bacteriophage PRD-1 transport in a sandy aquifer, Water Res., 39, 2345-2357.
  • Chen, J., C. Lee, T. Yeh, and J. Yu (2005), A water budget model for the Yun-Lin plain, Taiwan, Water Resour. Manage., 19, 483-504.
  • Glass, R., J. Brainard, and T. Yeh (2005), Infiltration in unsaturated layered fluvial deposits at Rio Bravo: Macroscopic anisotropy and heterogeneous transport, Vadose Zone Journal, 4, 22-31.
  • Wu, C., T. Yeh, J. Zhu, T. Lee, N. Hsu, C. Chen, and A. Sancho (2005), Traditional analysis of Comparing apples to oranges?, Water Resour. Res., 41, W09402.
  • Ye, M., R. Khaleel, and T. Yeh (2005), Stochastic analysis of moisture plume dynamics of a field injection experiment, Water Resour. Res., 41, W03013.
  • Yeh, T., M. Ye, and R. Khaleel (2005), Estimation of effective unsaturated hydraulic conductivity tensor using spatial moments of observed moisture plume, Water Resour. Res., 41, W03014.
  • Zhu, J. and T. Yeh (2005), Characterization of aquifer heterogeneity using transient hydraulic tomography, Water Resour. Res., 41, W07028.
Articles published in 2004
  • Ke, K., Y. Tan, C. Chen, K. Chim, and T. Yeh (2004), Experimental study of consolidation properties of unsaturated soils during draining, Hydrol. Process., 18, 2565-2578.
  • Lin, Y., Y. Tan, T. Yeh, C. Liu, and C. Chen (2004), A viscoelastic model for groundwater level changes in the Cho-Shui River alluvial fan after the Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan, Water Resour. Res., 40, W04213.
  • Liu, S. and T. Yeh (2004), An integrative approach for monitoring water movement in the vadose zone, Vadose Zone Journal, 3, 681-692.
Articles published in 2002
  • Ferrante, M., B. Brunone, and T. Yeh (2002), Uncertainty analysis of transient unsaturated flow in bounded domain, Water Resour. Res., 38, 1014.
  • Khaleel, R., T. Yeh, and Z. Lu (2002), Upscaled flow and transport properties for heterogeneous unsaturated media, Water Resour. Res., 38, 1053.
  • Liu, S., T. Yeh, and R. Gardiner (2002), Effectiveness of hydraulic tomography: Sandbox experiments, Water Resour. Res., 38, 1034.
  • Vargas-Guzman, J. and T. Yeh (2002), The successive linear estimator: a revisit, Adv. Water Resour., 25, 773-781.
  • Yeh, T., S. Liu, R. Glass, K. Baker, J. Brainard, D. Alumbaugh, and D. LaBrecque (2002), A geostatistically based inverse model for electrical resistivity surveys and its applications to vadose zone hydrology, Water Resour. Res., 38, 1278.
  • Yeh, T. J. and J. Simunek (2002), Stochastic Fusion of Information for Characterizing and Monitoring the Vadose Zone, Vadose Zone Journal, 1, 207-221.
Articles published in 2001
  • Lee, C., Y. Tan, C. Chen, and T. Yeh (2001), Stochastic series lumped rainfall-runoff model for a watershed in Taiwan, Journal of Hydrology, 249, 30-45.