Publications – 2006 - 2010

Articles published in 2010
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Articles published in 2009
  • Hao, Y., Y. Wang, Y. Zhu, Y. Lin, J. Wen, and T. J. Yeh (2009), Response of karst springs to climate change and anthropogenic activities: the Niangziguan Springs, China, Prog. Phys. Geogr., 33, 634-649.
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Articles published in 2008
  • Hao, Y., T. J. Yeh, J. Xian, W. A. Illman, K. Ando, K. Hsu, and C. Lee (2008), Hydraulic tomography for detecting fracture zone connectivity, Ground Water, 46, 183-192.
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Articles published in 2007
  • Hao, Y., T. J. Yeh, Y. Wang, and Y. Zhao (2007), Analysis of karst aquifer spring flows with a gray system decomposition model, Ground Water, 45, 46-52.
  • Liu, X., W. A. Illman, A. J. Craig, J. Zhu, and T. -. J. Yeh (2007), Laboratory sandbox validation of transient hydraulic tomography, Water Resour. Res., 43, W05404.
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  • Yeh, T. J. and C. Lee (2007), Time to change the way we collect and analyze data for aquifer characterization, Ground Water, 45, 116-118.
Articles published in 2006
  • Hao, Y., T. Yeh, C. Hu, Y. Wang, and X. Li (2006), Karst groundwater management by defining protection zones based on regional geological structures and groundwater flow fields, Environ. Geol., 50, 415-422.
  • Hao, Y., T. J. Yeh, Z. Gao, Y. Wang, and Y. Zhao (2006), A gray system model for studying the response to climatic change: The Liulin karst springs, China, Journal of Hydrology, 328, 668-676.
  • Lu, C., C. Chen, T. Yeh, C. Wu, and I. Yau (2006), Integration of transfer function model and back propagation neural network for forecasting storm sewer flow in Taipei metropolis, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 20, 6-22.
  •  Zhu, J. and T. Yeh (2006), Analysis of hydraulic tomography using temporal moments of drawdown recovery data, Water Resour. Res., 42, W02403.