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  • Jing-Sen Cai, E-Chuan Yan, Tian-Chyi Jim Yeh, Yuan-Yuan Zha, Yue Liang, Shao-Yang Huang, Wen-Ke Wang, Jet-Chau Wen, Effect of spatial variability of shear strength on reliability of infinite slopes using analytical approach, Computers and Geotechnics,81,77-86,
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  • Y.-L. Wang, T.-C. J. Yeh, J.-C. Wen, S.-Y. Huang, Y. Zha, J.-P. Tsai, Y. Hao, Y. Liang, Characterizing Subsurface Hydraulic Diffusivity of Alluvial Fan Using Riverstage Fluctuations, Journal of Hydrology, 547, 650-663,
  • Andreas Englert, Andreas Kemna, Junfeng Zhu, Jan Vanderborght, Harry Vereecken, Tian-Chyi J Yeh, Comparison of smoothness-constrained and geostatistically based cross-borehole electrical resistivity tomography for characterization of solute tracer plumes, Water Science and Engineering, 
Articles published in 2016
  • Cai J-SYan E-CYeh T-CJZha, Y-Y. Sampling schemes for hillslope hydrologic processes and stability analysis based on cross-correlation analysisHydrological Processes2016. doi: 10.1002/hyp.11101.
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  • Zaiyong Zhang, Wenke Wang, Tian-chyi Jim Yeh, Li Chen, Zhoufeng Wang, Lei Duan, Kedong An, Chengcheng Gong, Finite analytic method based on mixed-form Richards’ equation for simulating water flow in vadose zone, Journal of Hydrology, 537, 146-156,
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