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The latest X64 version of VSAFT2: Download

Setup20220416.msi(34989KB): Download
1. Fix forward pumping source ending time and save data error.
2. Fix multi-stress time.dat error.
3. Fix the concentration displayed problem.
4. Fix the dll file loading dependency.

Setup20220407.msi(34885KB): Download
1. Fix the up-right observing well setting error.
2. Solve the error when trying to do kriging without head.
3. Fix the incorrect K estimation in the first step.
4. Solve the problem that the input hard data cannot be saved.
5. Add forward kriging fucntion for Kx, Ky, n and Ss. Plot the corresponding residual variances.
6. Fix the import initial material function for inverse simulation.
7. Fix the homogeneous material setting error for inverse simulation.

New x64 version VSAFT2, manual, and examples (VSAFT2manual, and examples) (2019.10.17) (Require Microsoft .NET framework 4.6.1 or higher).

VSAFT2 (Variably Saturated Flow and Transport utilizing the Modified Method of Characteristics, in 2D) is a Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) for setting up, running and calibrating a variably saturated flow and transport finite element model (Yeh, et al., 1993) in 2 dimensions (either map view, cross-section or axis-symmetric flow). Model output is prepared for plotting in Tecplot (obtained independently), which allows easy and powerful visualization of results (including animations). VSAFT2 now includes several geostatistical model setup features, including random field generation of input parameters.

A screenshot of VSAFT2A help file to aid setting up and calibrating a basic two-dimensional flow model in VSAFT2 now available as an Adobe PDF (84k).

A set of ten example scenarios taken from (Yeh, et al., 1993) are available for demonstrating 1D and 2D saturated and unsaturated flow and transport with VSAFT2 (a 5MB zip file). When choosing a directory to unzip the examples into, remember that VSAFT2 cannot work from directories which contain spaces in them (i.e. "My Documents"). When opening these examples, simply point the open dialog from the file menu to the directory that contains the desired scenario (not any particular file in the directory).

Download VSAFT2 (2013 version).  This version is a 5 MB zip file with an improved user interface and a more streamlined design.

This program requires the Microsoft .NET framework to run, download the framework from the Microsoft website.  The .NET framework is not installed as part of Windows by default, and it requires Windows 2000 or greater to run (≈ 20 MB download).