T.-C. “Jim” Yeh

A photograph of Dr. Yeh Professor
Hydrology and Water Resources
The University of Arizona


Ph. D., New Mexico Institue of Mining and Technology, 1983

Contact Information

Phone: (520) 621-5943

Email: yeh@hwr.arizona.edu

Faculty Introduction

Dr. Jim Yeh's research interests flow and contaminant transport in vadose zones and aquifers. His work includes numerical, stochastic/geostatistical, field and laboratory analysis of effects of spatial variability on flow and contaminant migration in the subsurface; development of rapid methods for characterizing transport properties of multi-phase flow; development of cost-effective imaging tools for characterizing geological media and monitoring evolutions of water, oil, and contaminants in the subsurface using hydro/geophysical techniques. Dr. Yeh is one of the associate editors for Water Resources Research. Dr. Yeh's philosophy about geohydrology can be found in "Scale Issues of Heterogeneity in Vadose-Zone Hydrology" in Chapter 8 of the book "Scale Dependence and Scale Invariance in Hydrology" edited by Garrison Sposito, Cambridge, 1998.